Using the DISC to identify the most misunderstood people in the world.

coaching disc the game Jan 23, 2020

The S stands for Stabilizing. How you tend to pace things in your environment. Contrary to both the D & I, the pace of a high S is typically more steady and consistent. In my personal opinion, these individuals are the most misunderstood people in the world. They can't be read by their facial expression; keeping the standard straight face regardless of what's going on. 

Last year, I spoke to a college football team about Life after the Game. During the speech I noticed an athlete in the room that was unmoved during my presentation (so I thought). By observing his body language, I assumed that he was counting down the minutes to when the speech was over. After my speech, I noticed that he would slowly walk near me and then go back to practicing.  During a break in practice, he finally walked over and asked to speak with me after practice. Not only did we spend two hours talking after practice, he asked the most engaging questions out of everyone I spoke with. 


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Flamingo, Flight Attendant, I. What does it mean with DISC?

coaching disc the game Jan 22, 2020

The I stands for Interactiveness. Measuring how you tend to interact with others and share opinions. As a high I, these individuals have yet to meet a stranger. They have no problem approaching anyone to discuss anything. These individuals have a knack for being persuasive; others may notice them by their gregarious ways and the energy they bring  to any room. 

Expect them to embrace all things that allow for an amazing experience. Contrary to a D who may focus on the problem, an I won't allow that energy to enter their space. They breathe optimism and easily lose interest in those that take life too seriously. 

There’s no such thing as a dream too big for an I. If they’re not self aware, they won’t notice their urge to jump on the next big idea. Resulting in a ton of open projects and no results to show for it. 

When communicating with an I, it’s beneficial to paint a picture for them. Be open-minded to their ideas and goals while...

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What is a "Gorilla"​ "Pilot"​ or "D"​ in the DISC Assessment?

coaching disc the game Jan 21, 2020

The D stands for Decisiveness. It measures how you tend to approach problems and make decisions. A high D is solution-based; they will stop at nothing to identify and SOLVE the problem. It’s common to confuse a high D with being ”negative” or seen as someone that's “always focused on the problem” when in reality, it’s the complete opposite. 

Picture and imagine a firefighter that smells smoke. This firefighter begins to aggressively search every room to identify where the smoke is coming from. When he or she enters the room, they discover that a small fire has started. After extinguishing the fire, they think to themself “had I not been quick to identify the problem and put out the fire, the entire building would've caught fire.” I don’t think you’d find one person to disagree with that firefighter. 

Now let's take this same scenario, but only change one thing. After the firefighter’s aggressive search, they...

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What is the DISC? What does it really measure?

coaching disc the game Jan 21, 2020

The DISC has resurged as one of the most popular tools amongst organizations, schools, sales, sports teams, and entrepreneurs. The amount of self-proclaimed experts that are eager to coach and consult anyone willing to pay them has also increased. This has resulted in the coaching equivalence of malpractice. Without accurately reading and comprehending results from clients’ assessments, these self-proclaimed experts are telling clients that they either need to change who they are or retake the assessment.  My sole purpose in these articles is to create awareness and understanding so that you’re able to identify the proper coach for you.

Studies have been performed throughout history on both the top successful individuals in their industries and on those who aren't. These studies identified two major factors that contributed to their results, which is the ability to be Self-Aware and Authentic. The DISC is one of three tools that allows you to become one step closer...

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