DISC: 7 Ways to identify you have the wrong coach. Not Data

coaching disc the g.a.m.e Jan 03, 2020

The DISC is resurfacing as one of the most used tools amongst athletic organizations, corporations, classrooms and individuals. Founded in 1922 by Dr. William Marston, he’s known as the “Father of DISC”. He’s also responsible for the creation of polygraph test and Wonder Woman.

Since 1922, the DISC has yet to change. What has changed in large numbers is the ease of accessibility to the public. This ease of access has allowed a new sense of confidence in self proclaimed gurus that have not taken the time to master their craft before going out and trying to sell their new found knowledge to the masses. 

As a consumer who may be looking to learn more about the assessment and help take them to the next level. Allow me to equip you with what to be on the lookout for.

  • People who can’t effectively explain what the DISC is utilized for.
    • The DISC measures behaviors. In your natural and adaptive state, your tendencies and how you prefer to use them. It...
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