What is the DISC? What does it really measure?

coaching disc the game Jan 21, 2020

The DISC has resurged as one of the most popular tools amongst organizations, schools, sales, sports teams, and entrepreneurs. The amount of self-proclaimed experts that are eager to coach and consult anyone willing to pay them has also increased. This has resulted in the coaching equivalence of malpractice. Without accurately reading and comprehending results from clients’ assessments, these self-proclaimed experts are telling clients that they either need to change who they are or retake the assessment.  My sole purpose in these articles is to create awareness and understanding so that you’re able to identify the proper coach for you.

Studies have been performed throughout history on both the top successful individuals in their industries and on those who aren't. These studies identified two major factors that contributed to their results, which is the ability to be Self-Aware and Authentic. The DISC is one of three tools that allows you to become one step closer to reaching true Authenticity. It also allows you to identify the strengths and blindspots of those surrounding you.  From corporations, sports teams, entrepreneurs family, friends, etc, the assessment will improve the culture of a team, and communication with everyone that takes the assessment.  

The DISC measures and identifies your behavioral tendencies and how you prefer to use them. It also defines how you're perceived through the lense of others, teaches others the do’s and don'ts when communicating with you. This tool also helps you become aware of your blindspots. After these gaps are identified, a personalized list of actionable items will be created for you to follow.

The following four articles will define each letter in the DISC. Click Here to learn more.

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