Using the DISC to identify the most misunderstood people in the world.

coaching disc the game Jan 23, 2020

The S stands for Stabilizing. How you tend to pace things in your environment. Contrary to both the D & I, the pace of a high S is typically more steady and consistent. In my personal opinion, these individuals are the most misunderstood people in the world. They can't be read by their facial expression; keeping the standard straight face regardless of what's going on. 

Last year, I spoke to a college football team about Life after the Game. During the speech I noticed an athlete in the room that was unmoved during my presentation (so I thought). By observing his body language, I assumed that he was counting down the minutes to when the speech was over. After my speech, I noticed that he would slowly walk near me and then go back to practicing.  During a break in practice, he finally walked over and asked to speak with me after practice. Not only did we spend two hours talking after practice, he asked the most engaging questions out of everyone I spoke with. 

He became my coaching client after our chat. Once we identified his natural strengths and blindspots; we created a gameplan to unlock his full potential on and off the field. His NFL draft stock did increase even though we never discussed the X’s and O’s of football. 

Similar to this athlete, the S is typically non-expressive, while they do have emotions, from an observer's perspective, it’s easy to assume that they are emotionless. In reality, their emotions are bottled up until they explode. 

The interaction with this athlete reminded me that a high S is typically slow to warm up. They're extremely loyal to those they trust, so they need to know they’re with the right person or in the right situation before opening up. It's not uncommon for them to base their self worth on the successes of those  in their inner circle. In sports and business alike, the S’ are typically your role players. 

We’ve now covered three out of the four behavioral styles in the DISC. Click Here to learn more about yourself and identify / understand those you interact with.

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