Flamingo, Flight Attendant, I. What does it mean with DISC?

coaching disc the game Jan 22, 2020

The I stands for Interactiveness. Measuring how you tend to interact with others and share opinions. As a high I, these individuals have yet to meet a stranger. They have no problem approaching anyone to discuss anything. These individuals have a knack for being persuasive; others may notice them by their gregarious ways and the energy they bring  to any room. 

Expect them to embrace all things that allow for an amazing experience. Contrary to a D who may focus on the problem, an I won't allow that energy to enter their space. They breathe optimism and easily lose interest in those that take life too seriously. 

There’s no such thing as a dream too big for an I. If they’re not self aware, they won’t notice their urge to jump on the next big idea. Resulting in a ton of open projects and no results to show for it. 

When communicating with an I, it’s beneficial to paint a picture for them. Be open-minded to their ideas and goals while creating a game plan to support it. If your business is marketing to an I, attract them by highlighting experiences. A promo video incorporating a highly energized and animated group is more beneficial to draw their attention than you standing in front of a screen speaking monotone.

In sports, an I may be noticed by the energy they bring to the team, especially on the sideline and in huddles… Your “hype man”. If the coach is an I, you may hear the term “players coach”. If you're a teacher, this student could be the class clown. In business, they might be that salesperson that creates an amazing experience for clients. I can’t forget to mention the customer service rep that people call just to have a conversation. Both the rep and client on the phone could get lost in conversation because of how amazing the conversation is going.

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