The Evolution of Today's Game

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2019

The evolution of football has been amazing to watch. 

The days of no pads and no helmets has evolved to players wearing pads on top of their helmets. 

Even coaching strategies have evolved, formations and X’s & O’s dominated the game. 

Then there was of course the “mad-scientist” Chip Kelly” with the amazing sports science he brought to the game. An evolution that had both NCAA and NFL teams trying to find ways to speed up their play of the game.

How crazy is it that teams track the effort of their players through chips in the players equipment and monitors on their body? It’s no wonder today’s athletes are in the best physical condition ever seen. What used to be considered a modern marvel is now a modern day athlete. 

Some areas that have evolved but not at the pace of others include:

  • How can I recognize my student-athletes & coaches natural and adaptive behaviors?
  • How can I anticipate my student-athletes & coaching staff’s response during stressful situations?
  • How can I be certain I’m recruiting the right fit for my team? 
  • How can I efficiently identify the strengths of my players and coaches to MAXIMIZE RESULTS?
  • How do I master my behavior and control how it can positively affect my team when I’m stressed or frustrated?

These questions seem like no brainers but this is the one major trend I’ve noticed traveling the country to meet with athletic programs. The great coaches yearn to understand their players and staff better. 

The ability to identify the natural and adaptive behaviors of your student-athletes and staff allows a great coach to properly analyze the correct balance their team needs to win both on and off the field.  

Understanding your student-athletes values allows you to properly identify if this person is right for your team or are they just in it for themselves. We can sometimes allow a players ability to cloud our judgement. That player that’s just on the edge can say all of the right things to get recruited and then do all of the wrong things after he feels he’s irreplaceable. 

If you were to reflect on an amazing athlete on the field, that was a complete distraction off. Who comes to mind? Are these distractions really required to build a championship foundation? Is there a way to extract the most out of every athlete without taking risks on the talented distraction? 


Having the proper tools and knowledge to assess these areas are vital in developing the dream team you always desired. Take some time to create a list of the qualities you would look for in a player for each position. 

I’ve worked with top collegiate football teams and Senior NFL - Prospects utilizing the tools of my G.A.M.E Program. Utilizing the G.A.M.E has allowed coaches and student-athletes understand who they are, create a vision for where they’re looking to go, and a plan of action to get there. 

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