What is a "Gorilla"​ "Pilot"​ or "D"​ in the DISC Assessment?

coaching disc the game Jan 21, 2020

The D stands for Decisiveness. It measures how you tend to approach problems and make decisions. A high D is solution-based; they will stop at nothing to identify and SOLVE the problem. It’s common to confuse a high D with being ”negative” or seen as someone that's “always focused on the problem” when in reality, it’s the complete opposite. 

Picture and imagine a firefighter that smells smoke. This firefighter begins to aggressively search every room to identify where the smoke is coming from. When he or she enters the room, they discover that a small fire has started. After extinguishing the fire, they think to themself “had I not been quick to identify the problem and put out the fire, the entire building would've caught fire.” I don’t think you’d find one person to disagree with that firefighter. 

Now let's take this same scenario, but only change one thing. After the firefighter’s aggressive search, they identify that the smoke is coming from their spouse in the kitchen that burned food on the stove. The firefighter might naturally walk or run aggressively into the room because in their mind, the only way to attack the problem is to move quickly. Once the firefighter realizes it's just their spouse that can't cook, they adapt to the situation.

Similar to the firefighter, a high D is wired to solve problems. They thrive in an environment where they have full capabilities to solve problems. On the flip side, if a problem is not being addressed, they will let it be known. If you don’t understand a high D, you might have a problem with their communication during these situations. If you happen to be the problem, trust and believe they will let it be known. 

Communication with a high D needs to be short and to the point; you will bore them if you get off track in your discussion. If a high D is reading this blog, more than likely they would've A) skimmed through to find any pertinent information. B) saw this article’s format and didn’t read it because it isn’t in bullet point fashion C) if reading this article is mandatory, they might have also complained if they found anything they deemed as fluff. 

When it comes to their goals, a high D is big picture focused within reason. They typically set a challenging goal that they are confident to reach and they’re willing to exert all of their energy to accomplish the goal. Be ready for a battle if you decide to challenge their goals.

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