Perfection is the standard. How does this apply to a C in the DISC?

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2020

The C stands for Cautious. Your preference for established protocol / standards. Listen closely, EVERYONE needs a C on their team. While I’m confident some of you just read “listen closely” and paused for a second. It’s highly likely a C  just thought to themself, “I’m reading, why in the world would he write listen closely?”. 

C’s are highly detailed oriented and structured.I like to compare C’s to Robocop, completely ruled by logic not emotion. You will never sell them on an idea based on the experience they’ll have, always support every statement with facts. They’re systematic in their approach, striving for perfection in all that they do. This can result in nothing being done on time because they don’t operate in a mindset of better before best, they pride themselves on perfection not an attempt of it.

It’s not unusual for a high C to receive a deadline and miss it without a concern. To them it will be justified, missing a deadline by explaining how all the things are not perfect yet. In some cases, they’ll even state they didn’t receive enough time to complete the project.  A simple way to alleviate headaches when talking to a C is to organize your discussion in an orderly manner, for example (outlines, bullets, sub-headings, etc.). Don’t forget to list out the pros and cons of any decisions to be made. This speeds up their decision making process and increases their execution when you eliminate the what if’s?

C’s take a no nonsense approach to life. Be straightforward, direct, and factual when communicating with them. They’re wired to be suspicious of you and your solutions, so don’t take offense. One last example, if a doctor is a low C, you would not want your surgery to be performed by them as they might miss the minor details. They might be moving fast and ignore the medical rules and procedures out of a rebellion for structure.

 If you haven’t figured out a high C yet, they’re the glue that keeps everything together behind the scenes. While the D,I,S are operating in their superpower. The C focuses on those details behind the scenes to make sure nothing falls apart. 

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